What is Valheim and what was it that made Valheim so famous?

Valheim is an Indie Viking themed open-world survival game. It’s also among the most popular Steam launches to date. It  was created in collaboration with Iron Gate Studios – a five-person team! In addition the team was one person team in 2019 and just 3 at the beginning of 2020.

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Valheim has exceeded 5 million sales within one month from the time of its launch. You can track the expected sales on the The VG Insights Valheim page or keep an eye out for the next million shortly.

Valheim announced the signing of Valheim Coffee Stain as their official publisher in June of 2020. They’ve released 11 games on Steam. Additionally, their studio division is responsible for games that are worth playing, such as The Goat Simulator and Satisfactory.


Valheim ‘s advancement is extremely like Terraria as well as Starbound because the progress feels natural and natural. The game begins with a simple but huge meadow, and learn to hunt for animals and construct simple shelters. Players are taught to hit small stone golems until they die and then craft clubs. After that, players can begin to build a settlement. After that then it’s time to start hunting boars. They will drop the necessary materials to make bows, which make hunting deer a lot easier. There’s a clear line of progress and each step opens for the next step.

At some point, my group of friends and I have confidence to know the basics, and we begin to explore. We come across a formidable Elk boss, and we fight it and it leaves hard antlersand now I can utilize them to create the pickaxe. This means that the more hazardous Black Forest is worth exploring right now, since we can mine the ore that lies within. When we’ve got the ore, I can begin to create more advanced armor and tools that will allow them to create their own recipes and possibilities to advance.

Here’s a glimpse of what a night out with my usual group of buddies could be like. We’re planning to go into the Black Forest to fight a gigantic ent but the mountains are standing in our path. The mountains are icy, however, we see wolves and we believe we could use their fur to wrap together. After a few scraps with wolves, we trace the location on the map, and promise to return and take revenge the next time.

We head south and go through in the hills until we encounter an enormous lake that is impossible to cross by ourselves. Instead, we decide to settle down and construct the wooden dock as well as the Viking longship. The longship takes our boat across Lake Ontario, and we locate and fight the ent by circling around the massive tree using weapons like spears or bows. It defends itself by using massive roots, and then tormenting us up with huge vines.

The fight is going great until the ent calls for dozens of goblins out of the woods, and we flee in a frenzied manner almost losing our longship. There was no treasure however, on the return trip my husband and I sing sea shanties while my companion is driving and guiding us back to our home. We laugh and talk among ourselves, rejuvenated by the journey.

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While we explore the world, it opens and outwards, which leads to mechanical tasks such as building trade routes, creating an amazing portal network and learning to navigate and map an ocean map. Valheim is an interesting place worth having a look around, in particular since I do not need to spend a lot of time to keep my progress.

The models are basic as they are pixelated, polygonal and pixelated however they are boosted by stunning lighting and shaders. The result is a perfect balance of modern day comforts and good old-fashioned nostalgia. Sure hunting ents, battling trolls is fun however, sometimes I prefer to take a raft out and watch the waves lap against the shore or the sun glinting through the trees to the meadow. It’s a bit cottage-y and cozy and sometimes a brutal storm makes the sunny and sunny days more attractive.

Valheim is focused on the proper game mechanics within the correct sub-genre

The choice of sub-genres can make it or breaks for the players. Simon Carless recently wrote about the importance of picking the appropriate genre and you should read it! Survival games in the open world are very well-known. There’s something wonderful about starting out from scratch collecting resources, making better gear, accumulating more resources, and finally crafting even more powerful equipment.

It tackles a peculiar part of our brains which is that we are constantly searching to improve constantly. It also provides us with satisfaction.

There are more than 450 games that are similar to these, and they’re priced at nearly double Steam average price. About 1/3 of Open World Survival Craft games have more than $ 1 million in revenue. These are staggering numbers!

Survival games are very popular however there are numerous of them. They do not all have been successful. None of them have achieved it as quickly as Valheim has.

The game’s most well-known mechanics and removing the unsuccessful and annoying ones

The reason for the success in the genre of survival is where the picking and choosing game mechanics play a role.

Valheim removes all the things that have always irritated you with survival games. There’s no more famine or losing all the things you’ve collected, and spending money for repairs.

Valheim has focused on areas that inspire us to enjoy survival: excellent building and crafting systems and crafting.

Instead of focusing on a tiny portion of the fundamental functionality and then refining this, Valheim has focused on developing the fundamental mechanics first. They can be basic structures. Valheim is now finished with the vertical construction and is now working on the horizontal aspect with updates to follow.

This means that the early access version has boss battles as well as farming animal taming, intricate crafting mechanisms, smithing cooking, and crafting. The only thing it’s not yet offering is the variety. However, that’s okay. It’s a good way to develop and launch games and keep it exciting for upcoming updates.

It is working:

Valheim is quite free of bugs for a small-team indie game with early access. Actually, it’s more bug-free than almost all the games created by survivors to date.

In a subgenre where grinding is a normal part loss of inventory and progress because of crashes could be a deal-breaker.

It’s truly a sad and crucial to mention in the present state of the games industry – One of the main reasons for the game’s success is because it is effective.

Valheim is easy to download and provides great value for money

I was shocked I was shocked when Valheim completed downloading. I was convinced that it was a corrupted game. How could this game possibly be 1GB? This means you can make an impulse purchase of Valheim and start playing almost instantly. Additionally, you will not have to struggle to put it on your hard drive.

Valheim is spread by the power of word-of-mouth. The ability to inform that someone else to join the game and then see the game play 30 minutes later can be a major boost in the effectiveness and speed from word of mouth.

Valheim costs just $ 20. It’s a bit more expensive for games that are indie, but you’ll get a superior AAA experience. Amazing value for money increases sales.

Valheim’s style and look is elegant, simple and nostalgic.

I’ve never heard a game so well described by so many other games. Valheim is something like RuneScape is Rust is Minecraft and Skyrim is The Legend of Zelda meets Terraria.

valheim game ships

The games mentioned above are not similar, yet Valheim is like every one of them.

Valheim’s retro graphics are appealing to the old-fashioned gamers while its atmospheric moments amuse all.

Last but not least, we must refer to our love for the Viking theme. It’s visually stunning. It may have also permitted Valheim to have a direct link to Assassins Creed Valhalla driven Viking obsession.

It’s getting in the trend of multiplayer, but without the negative effects of other similar games.

Multiplayer and cooperative games have been slowly growing in popularity already However, Covid has really helped to boost this trend. Valheim took the top aspects of survival games for multiple players and removed the toxic elements that plagues other games like Rust.

Valheim can be played as an individual player game. It really shines when you have group of people sailing around the ocean as well as building your longhouse together with you. PvP is an option however, players have to turn it on (opt in) to make it work.

Many people prefer to play in small private servers with a few friends instead of a group of less or more aggressive strangers. If you are interested in creating your private server, check my short article on hosting a private Minecraft server.

It’s extremely streamer-friendly, and has the ‘not over the top marketing’

After launch, Valheim benefited hugely from streamers. It’s not clear the percentage of this was paid for promotions at first. The show is almost completely non-promotional as of now. The streamers love Valheim because it’s a great show to watch.

It was part of the big streamers’ repertoires and they were exhausted with Among Us.

The main attraction is like Minecraft exploring and the impressive constructions are fun to see. However the game is not excessively demanding for the streamer. This allows streamers to interact with their audience in a large way.

It did not have a $ 100 million advertising campaign however, it was constantly gaining fans.

Valheim first became an Steam page in October 2018 under the name FEJD. Since then, they’ve had an increase in followers, averaging around. 15,000 followers at the time they launched.

They have never conducted any major marketing campaigns. They did post on Twitter however, they had a small number of followers. In actual fact, Valheim’s Twitter following is still quite small when compared to the popularity of the game. The only exposure they had was through their betas. However, their slow and steady growth over time resulted in a large following at the time they launched.

Whatever the level of word-of-mouth friendly your game may be it is essential to have an active community to kick off the snowball!

The signing of Coffee Stains in the role of an editor in mid 2020’s was a huge help to Valheim significantly in terms of publicity. But, there was no large-scale marketing campaign. They largely let Valheim to be able to get their foot in the door to large events and even articles.

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Vahleim was the perfect release date and timing

We’ve already discussed Covid trends. Covid trend and the way Valheim is perfectly positioned in the lockdown bucket of pastimes.

In addition the launch was scheduled just right to coincide with the decline in Among Us’ popularity. Its 2020 Steam calendar of lockdown games kicked off with a huge debut of Fall Guys. The Fall Guys show faded away into the popularity of Among Us in autumn. Valheim was able to become the next player to be the next one to assume these responsibilities.

2021 stands out for surprising indie game success on an unimaginable scale. The foundation is already in place for further success in the years to come.

It is often discussed the difficulty of indie games to sustain. But, occasionally, there are small-scale successes by teams which can lead to huge wealth.

Marketing and game development has become more democratic than ever. Social media, eComm platforms streamers, and other trends aid indie companies to succeed.

Valheim will be a case study and a source of inspiration for future indie games.

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