Is VPS Hosting The Right Choice for Running a Game Server?

Video games connect more people around the globe every day. People all over the world are creating virtual worlds that provide adrenaline and rush. Gamers are increasingly looking for ways to create their own game servers, as the popularity of virtual worlds is growing. This can prove to be quite costly. It’s not just about purchasing the technology, but also operating and maintaining it. You will need to be proficient in tech.

Are there other options?

Yes. Gaming VPS hosting can be a great option for hosting your game server. This hosting option offers many benefits, including full root access, the ability to choose between Windows or Linux, as well as fast setup and 24/7 support. Does that sound good? Let’s look a little deeper.


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What are Game Servers?

Each player must be connected to the session in order to play online multiplayer games with others. Connecting to a gaming session is to connect to a server (or host). It is the main information processor of the game and sends all relevant information to the clients (players). Players are communicating inputs to the server when they use their controls. The inputs are then processed by the server, which then processes seamless gameplay between all players. The host manages the activity and location of all players. Server speed is essential for fair and fast gameplay. The server must have sufficient storage and data to handle all the game’s content. Low resources will cause the gameplay to be unenjoyable and slow.

What are the requirements for a game server?

A game server requires a VPS to be able to run:

  1. Large Storage : A gaming server must be capable of storing and processing large amounts of data in a short time.
  2. Fast Processor and sufficient memory : The gaming server must have a low Ping value. This means that it should be able to process data quickly and respond to players’ requests within a matter of nanoseconds.
  3. High computing power : This is particularly important if multiple users are accessing the server at once. The server must be capable of handling the large number of requests quickly.
  4. Strong and stable internet connection : Even a brief interruption in the connection can cause loss of important data (player score, progress, etc.).

Gaming Server: Virtual Servers or Dedicated Servers

Shared gaming servers are used in many multiplayer games. These servers are usually provided by either the game developer or the console manufacturer.
These shared gaming servers offer enough performance for most gamers. These servers are great for friendly competition. They are not ideal for professional players or those who play the most complex games.
If you want to improve your online gaming experience, it is worth buying VPS for gaming , instead of relying on free shared servers. Here are some reasons why it is worth the effort, setting up your own server.

1. More control and flexibility

Host-provided shared servers lack control over the server. You have no control whatsoever over the details of a shared server. Accept what is presented to you.
If you choose to host your own server, however, you will become the host. You have control over many variables that could make or break your gaming experience.
You can choose the processor that you want, how much RAM you have, and which operating system you prefer. You can choose the bandwidth speed you want.
Your server can be made private or public. You can make your server invite-only if you have friends you want to play with. You can invite other players to join your server and enjoy the performance on your own server.
You can also remove any player from the game if they aren’t being fair or intentionally breaking the rules.

2. Gaming Performance Boost

You probably already have some gaming equipment if you are thinking of running your own server. If you do not have any, you might be willing to buy it.
You can make sure that each player enjoys high-performance gaming hardware, plenty of RAM, and the most recent CPU.
This server is capable of running on the most advanced hardware. It offers a level performance that can not be matched by shared servers provided by game developers. They simply have to share their resources with thousands, if certainly millions, of players.
No lag, no downtime, high playback speed, zero delays and a fast, fair, and smooth gameplay are all part of the package. This is the only way you can play competitively as it ensures that everyone is on the same playing field.

Reliable, secure

Server monitoring is available 24/7 for players who have their own server. This ensures that the server is always accessible to them. Generators are also available to back them up in case the power grid goes down.
Depending on which hosting option you choose, there is no need to worry about hardware overheating. Server rooms are professionally cooled to keep equipment safe.
Hosting providers offer security solutions that ensure host and player are safe. These include firewalls, DDoS protection, and constant backups to ensure that data can be restored immediately in the event of a disaster. You can find some tricks about protecting Minecraft server from DDoS attacks . Just remember server maintenance is a process not a one time thing.
The server host has the ability to control who can join and can remove players at will. This allows them to prevent unwanted or malicious players from joining the game or causing trouble.
Your ability to manage the server and your resources will determine which type of server you choose.


Windows or Linux?

After you’ve selected your server, there are two options: Windows or Linux. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you make an informed decision, let’s list the advantages and disadvantages of each. Windows is easy to set up but Linux has more configuration options. Windows may be supported by game developers, but Linux is more technical than Windows.

Linux : Linux is an open-source, free operating system. It has the advantage that a large community works on updates and newer versions. Linux offers a wider range of operating systems. You can choose from Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS at any time (and all for free). Web hosts have the option to offer Linux services at a lower price because there are no licensing fees. Debian and Ubuntu are both great for beginners, while CentOS is for more experienced users. This is a stable, flexible choice.

Windows : Windows code is proprietary and closed software. It cannot be accessed or modified freely. A license must be purchased. You will automatically receive a Windows operating systems license if you buy a Windows server. The OS developers team offers great support.

How to keep your game VPS secure

The next question after you have chosen your operating system is security. VPS servers have their own security measures. However, there are some precautions that you can take. It is vital to secure your root server and email account.
You can protect your game server against hackers by creating passwords, updating the system, configuring firewalls and creating backups.
You should have a Monitoring Server installed on your VPS server. This will allow you to monitor the server 24 hours a day and notify you of potential threats or malfunctions. You can reach the game server during an emergency with a Recovery Manager
Install only as many services as you need. Each additional service that you add to your server’s security is a threat to its security and can be used as a target for attacks or threats. The control panel, a configuration tool, allows you to uninstall and deactivate unneeded services.

Is there a final word?

Although there are many game servers available, it is important to have control over the server’s conditions. VPS servers make a great choice for game servers because they are flexible, scalable and independent. VPS can be used for multiple users and modular games as long as they are not used for other services. SSD (Solid State Drive) VPSs can be purchased. They offer faster boot-up times, quicker read / write speeds and instant response. Are you a Minecraft fan? You can find best Minecraft VPS hosting easily! Just make sure you do your research first. You play Counter Strike? Valheim? Rust? There are plenty of customized services for you out there. Go get them!
We hope this article has helped you to understand the advantages of a VPS. Do your research before you choose a VPS provider. Also, ensure that your server optimization is done correctly to maximize your VPS’s gaming potential. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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