Creating a Dedicated Rust Server in Linux

Rust is multi-player survival computer game that was first released in December 2013 and received its full release in February 2018. Its been trendy in past time because of well-known internet personalities playing and streaming this game. Before diving deep in Rust just take a quick look at my analysis on Valheim’s growth path. Every body who plays online games knows about Valheim these days. I hope you like it.


Best Rust streamers

If you are interested in watching some of best Rust streamers, check out people mentioned in this list:

  • xQc
  • pokimane
  • shroud
  • Myth
  • hJune
  • CoconutB


Creating a Dedicated Rust Server in Linux

First find a reliable vps provider in your area. I recommend some provider with best support ratings. Location of the VPS is important too. Do your research, the quality of service is really crucial. After finding the right provider, choose your server location and operating system. Here I will go on with Ubuntu.

In Linux OS, The server is managed via a command line tool called LinuxGSM , follow the instructions below. Note that I am using Ubuntu, commands may differ based on your Linux distro.


sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386; sudo apt update; sudo apt install mailutils postfix curl wget file bzip2 gzip unzip bsdmainutils python util-linux ca-certificates binutils bc jq tmux lib32gcc1 libstdc ++ 6 libstdc ++ 6: i386 lib32z1

This will install some prerequirements. After setting up a new user, enter the below command:

su – rust server

wget -O && chmod + x && bash rustserver

After download process, type:

./rustserver install

In order to edit the config, we first have to copy it to our server instance. Navigate to the config location with the command:

cd lgsm / config-lgsm / rustserver


catdefault.cfg >> rustserver.cfg

Now use below command to edit config:

nano rustserver.cfg

For now, the most important ones you’ll want to change are the RCON password, to a secure one, the Server name, and the max player count.

Now go back and start the server:


./rustserver start

You can join your server now.

I suggest you use a YouTube guide for not only setting up your Linux game server , also it’s maintenance.

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Best way for hosting a private Minecraft server

According to Wikipedia, Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios . The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Jens Bergensten then taking over development. Minecraft has since been ported to several other platforms and is the best-selling video game of all time, with over 238 million copies sold and nearly 140 million monthly active users as of 2021.



Markus Alexej Persson, also known as Notch, is a Swedish video game programmer and designer. He is the father of Minecraft. Persson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to a Finnish mother and a Swedish father on 1 June 1979. He lived in Edsbyn for the first seven years of his life before his family moved back to Stockholm. He began programming at the age of seven. Having experimented with various type-in ​​programs he produced his first game at the age of eight. Professionally he had worked as a game developer for King for over four years, until 2009. Afterwards he worked as a programmer for Jalbum. He is also one of the founders of Wurm Online , though he no longer works on it.Outside of work, he has made seven games for competitions.

minecraft notch in red carpet

Host your own Minecraft server on a VPS

This is not a step-by-step guide for hosting minecraft on vps. I’ll talk you through the outline. First you need to buy a minecraft vps service. Make sure to choose a suitable plan based on the number of users and your expertise on handling technical difficalties. You will need Putty and Java installed before setting up Minecraft. I suggest you watch a tutorial before starting to configure Minecraft on your game vps. It may look hard at first sight, but you will never regret it.

What is a VPS?

VPS is a machine that manages the physical server and separates it into smaller virtual servers. It enables clients to have their portion of server resources.

Fortunately, the charge of VPS is minimal; VPS enables you to share the server with clients. As an advantage, VPS removes competition from users for resources like CPU, storage, or RAM. Indeed you can configure the operating system and application based on your requirements.

VPS hosting offers you the benefits of a dedicated server at a small cost. With VPS, you share the server with several other users; but there is no direct competition over resources such as CPU, storage, or RAM, unlike shared hosting. Moreover, you can configure the operating system and the applications you require.

VPS sets a dedicated part of resources that other users do not access. The dedicated space is located physically on one server, but the resources may be distributed on several servers in cloud technology. This approach confines you that the host can support you virtually with several networks of servers. This network of cloud servers causes more reliability and performance and protects against errors or malfunction in the time of crashes.

VPS hosting gives you more control over your website. If you have enough technical skills to set up and configure the platform, this model is suitable for you. Cloud hosting systems offer you more flexibility, and it’s efficient and satisfying for traffic spikes.

For more information on game VPS providers and what you should expect from a gaming VPS check out this article.

minecraft house

Is a VPS good for Minecraft server?

I’m gonna answer right into the point. If you are searching for a low-cost plan for hosting private Minecraft games in your group of friends, then VPS is surely your best choice.

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About VPS For Counter-Strike Server

csgo |  counter strike

There is one of the more popular online games on the internet these days that has a very large and dedicated community of players, which is in the form of CS: GO. The popularity of this game can largely be attributed to the fact that the game developer, Valve, grants players the opportunity to utilize a type of virtual private server (VPS) computer software program that runs virtually like a dedicated server. The option to play with a VPS is an attractive option because it can provide a player with a better type of security and isolation from the rest of the world. By running the game through VPS, a player will have the ability to maintain his or her own private playing area, separate from anyone else who might be playing on any other computer at the same time.

Why VPS?

One of the advantages to utilizing a VPS in this type of game is the fact that you will be able to run a variety of different operating systems with the program. Although CS: GO does not come with its own operating system, there are a number of third-party add-ons that you can download to supplement the functionality that is provided by the game server itself. You can use the VPS to download free software applications such as the popular Forex trading simulator, Tradewise, or Microcap Turbo. There are a wide variety of add-ons that can be downloaded that will assist you in the game play and strategy development. In addition to being able to download free software applications, the VPS can also be used to access your email and Internet via FTP connection.

VPS for Counter Strike

There are several different types of VPS that can be utilized in this game, including Windows Dedicated Servers, Linux Dedicated Servers, OS X virtual machines, and Android Virtual Machines. The different types of VPS that can be accessed through the CS: GO website includes windows, Linux, OS X, and Android. With a variety of options in each of these types of VPSs, you should have no problem finding a gaming site that offers free blackjack games.

For the purpose of gameplay, the game utilizes the Counter-Strike game modes which are based on the game mode that you find in the game files. When you log into the Counter-Strike game, you will see that you are actually in a lobby-type environment. You will then be given the opportunity to make a deposit by selecting the “pay now” button on the main menu. The “store money” feature is also available from here, and you will be able to add funds to your virtual bank account by selecting “use credit”. You will also be able to select the different types of game play that you wish to partake in while you are playing the game.

While you are connected to the internet, you can visit the official Counter-Strike site to check out the Counter-Strike 1v6 game where you can find information about the game, play tips, and learn the different kinds of weapons that you can use during a game play session. While you are logged into the game, you will be able to see other players around you that are enjoying the game as well. The game also includes an online casino that allows you to wager real money or play in the free lobbies. You can select the game types that you wish to partake in and find an opponent to fight with or play against another player who is logged onto the same server as you.

The top portion of this VPS provides you with complete access to the root server. This includes everything that the root server has to offer, which includes the game, chat, networking, and user accounts. With this type of VPS, you will be able to play on dedicated servers and use all the bandwidth that you desire. With the ability to use up to six virtual servers at one time, you can enjoy playing on the online counter strike without having to worry about the performance of your VPS server.

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What is Considered a Good Gaming Server?

With the emergence of the internet and the growth in web hosting and development, gaming private servers are also catching up. In the past, people will develop games on their personal computers or gaming consoles in remote locations. They then go to a web hosting provider and share the IP address with other users for streaming video, chatting, and other features that they need. The next step is for them to set up a game server and host it on their own infrastructure.

There are many advantages to gaming VPS over dedicated servers . The most obvious one is the fact that you do not have to maintain or pay for any extra hardware or software. You can have full root access to the server which gives you full control over it. This is very important because you want to make sure that your server is always running at peak performance level. For this, you should ensure that you have plenty of RAM and enough disk space.

Bandwidth is another crucial factor when setting up game servers. The bandwidth determines how fast your game downloads and uploads data from the game server. If you get more bandwidth then your game experience is going to be faster as your game downloads and uploads information much faster. On the other hand, if you get too little bandwidth your gaming experience will be quite slow.

One of the main advantages of using a VPS or Virtual Private Server is the fact that it does not require any type of maintenance or configuration. All you have to do is install the operating system and then start providing your customers with the game they need. The VPS is literally like a portable machine and can be moved to a new location whenever needed. For this reason, there is no loss of bandwidth even when you move around different locations.

There are two types of VPS’s, one is a Dedicated Server and the other is Managed Dedicated Hosting. In order to use a managed virtual private server (DDoS), you will have to purchase more RAM which will make your gaming experience a bit slower. Dedicated Servers require no extra RAM and can be configured with higher DNS bandwidth allowing you to use as much bandwidth as required. To be able to use a Dedicated Server you will have to buy a physical dedicated server or you can opt for Cloud VPS which allows you to use a virtual private server without having to purchase a hard drive.

Another thing you need to consider when setting up a game server is the type of hosting account you will require. To start with you should consider if you require a dedicated server or a managed plan. If you go with a dedicated server then you will be required to purchase your own software and will be unable to share it with any other company or individual. A managed plan will allow you to rent out any excess bandwidth and disk space but it will come at a price. Dedicated game servers are very costly and as such should only be used by large gaming companies.

The next thing you need to look at when setting up a gaming server is the type of operating system you want to use. The two main operating systems that most game hosting providers use are Windows and Linux. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages. For Windows game hosting you will find that it is free of charge and allows you to install any application you like. On the other hand, Linux requires much more maintenance and can also be very expensive so if you do not plan on having a lot of PCs playing on your server then I would not recommend using it.

These are just some of the basic components that you should consider when setting up game server resources. Dedicated game servers are highly recommended over shared game servers since they allow you to control exactly what your players are able to do on your gaming server. If you are interested in game server resources then I urge you to read my previous article about game server management. It will teach you how to manage your game servers effectively. If you are a Rust fan, check this article about creating a linux server for Rust.

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How does a Game server work?

When you set a multiplayer game on a client-server, you are playing and hosting the server simultaneously. The gaming server has a complicated setup and needs high levels of resources. Therefore, we may face some performance issues such as lag, high loading time, crashes, lost saved games, and dropped games.

What is a Game Server?

Game servers are suitable for multiplayer video games. This technology enables multiple users to have remote and online games. With gaming hosts, the server is capable of transmitting enough data. These data are from the internal states of the server; it allows connected clients to maintain their accurate version of the game. These servers are capable of displaying the world of the game from each user.

A VPS gaming server is a server that hosts video games for users. This kind of VPS server can offer you a fast, stable, and reliable connection to the favorite online games.

VPS servers offer more processing power and more resources like RAM and hard dick than other client servers. Instead of VPS, you can hire a fully dedicated server with astronomical prices. But with a VPS server, you can run your game community at a low cost and with enough resources.

What is VPS

VPS is short for a virtual private system that is similar to your server and computer. You can set it any way you want. VPS is helpful when you want to play some online multiplayer games, and you need a private server. You can gain this capability by ordering the VPS. It’s so much cheaper than full dedicated servers but can supply your need to some levels of resources.

How Do We Choose the Best Game VPS Hosting?

In the market, we can see lots of hosting providers that serve customers with these services. Which one should we choose?

It’s rational to find a low-cost service along with high quality. But what is quality?

The provider should serve reliable and stable hosting with the maximum feasible uptime.

No one doesn’t likes to have a server with long frequent downtimes.

The provider should be apparent, and there shouldn’t be any extra increase in costs.

Most multiplayer games rely on the client host to play and host the game at the same time. Although the setting is simple, this setting can cause performance issues such as delays, slow loading times, crashes, lost saves, and game crashes. It is another hosting option that provides a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Game dedicated server?

A dedicated game server is a computer that hosts video games for clients. This type of server can provide reliable, stable and fast connections for your favorite online games. And storage capacity is higher than other hosting solutions. No matter what kind of game you play, the server always has enough resources to keep the game running smoothly.

Why is a dedicated server more suitable for games?

Every online multiplayer game has a host and a client: Host-a server that transmits data to all players and keeps the game synchronized. Customers-players who participate in the game, do not have any obligation to accommodate. If there is a match, the host is the player who started the game or the player with the shortest wait time. The main player uses a computer or console to run the local version of the game. However, this device can also keep the entire game on all clients in sync. Host control: the position of each player in the game. All player activities.

Player interaction.The equipment of each character, the sight of all players, the physical conditions around each player, the scores and rules, when the host logs in and plays the game, the host needs more memory, bandwidth and processing power.

If the computer of the host player is weak or the computer’s Internet connection is weak, there will be delays, errors, and crashes. In a dedicated server configuration, the host is not a player. Instead, all players are connected to a server that provides more processing power and better connections than ordinary PCs or consoles. …Administrators can: configure the server for a smooth gaming experience (choose the operating system, install custom scripts, customize tools, optimize game settings, etc.)

Control the number of players that can join the game so that players do not waste processing time or disk space. Customize game rules (number of rounds, number of cards, allowed weapons, team rules, victory conditions, character statistics, etc.). -Take advantage of the delay of the local host relative to other players.

The lack of unfair advantages makes dedicated servers an ideal choice for competitive games. How does a dedicated game server work? A dedicated game server will take over all hosting tasks. The player who controls the following aspects of the game: player position, player activity, game rules, and score.

physically. Expenses (weapons and equipment). However, the game engine will not be able to run on a dedicated server. The device does not perform any operations, so the server does not require a graphics card (GPU). Instead, the server has a lot of CPU and RAM, while the client computer instructs what to render and when. The client device is responsible for: graphics. Game control.

This configuration provides an effective platform for gaming workloads.Games running on dedicated servers are not prone to lag, crash or crash. You can run a dedicated server to play games at home. However, a simpler and cheaper option is to rent one from an IT service provider. In a professional data center, you don’t have to worry about hardware prices, monitoring, overheating and safety. You will also get higher bandwidth to play games faster and more sensitively.

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Is running game servers on VPS possible?

Every day, video games contact more and more people in the world. Now, people from all corners are creating their own virtual world full of adrenaline and excitement. More and more players try to create their own game server. There are only one problem-this can be quite expensive work. Not only the acquisition of technology but also its operation and maintenance. It also requires a certain level of technical skills.

Are there other convenient options?

Yes, VPS hosting is a good choice for your game server hosting. It provides many benefits, such as full root access, the choice between Windows and Linux, good security, fast installation, and 24/7 support. sounds good?

Let’s see what are the requirements of the game server?

The game’s VPS server must have the following functions: Huge memory: The game server must be able to process and store large amounts of data in a short period of time. Fast processor and enough memory: The game server must have a low ping value, it must process data and respond to player requests after a billionth of a second. Powerful processing power: This is especially necessary when multiple players access the server at the same time. The server should be able to handle a large number of requests without any problems. Reliable and stable Internet connection-even if disconnected, even if it lasts for a few seconds, it may cause the loss of key data (player ratings, game progress, etc.)

Windows or Linux; which one?

After selecting the server, you will have another choice. Yes: Windows or Linux? Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us list which ones will help you make an informed decision. Windows can be installed quickly, but Linux has fewer default settings. Windows can get strong support from game manufacturers, but Linux puts high technical requirements on game servers. Linux is a free and open-source system. The advantage of Linux is that the large community is studying updates and new versions. Linux offers a wide range of operating systems-you can always (for free) choose between Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. In addition, because no license fee is required, web hosting providers can choose to provide Linux services at a lower price. Both Ubuntu and Debian are great distributions for novices, while experienced users can use CentOS. This is a stable and flexible choice. Windows: Closed proprietary software. The Windows code is not provided for free and can not be changed. You need to purchase the appropriate license. When purchasing a Windows server, a Windows license is obtained by default. You will also get strong support from the OS development team. How to protect your game VPS server Now that you have decided to use the operating system, the next big issue is security. The VPS server has its own security measures. However, you can take some precautions. Finally, it is important to ensure the security of the root server and your email account. Strong passwords, updating the system, setting up firewalls, and making backups are just small ways to protect game servers from hacker attacks. Your VPS server should be equipped with tools such as server monitoring to monitor your server 24 hours a day and inform you in advance. Destroy or threaten. With Recovery Manager, you can access the game server in an emergency. Make sure to install as few services as possible. Any other services you install will reduce the security of the server because it may become a potential target for threats and attacks. You can delete or deactivate unnecessary services through the control panel (configuration tool). What’s the last sentence? There are many game servers out there, but it all depends on monitoring their status. Game servers provide flexibility, scalability, and independence, so they are an excellent choice for game servers. As long as you do not use the server for other services, the VPS server can accommodate multiple players and the modular nature of the game. You can also choose SSD solid-state drive (VPS) servers and benefit from faster startup time, faster access, faster read / write speed, instant response, and faster storage.

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