Best anime games in 2022

The most popular video games for 2022 will be as diverse and distinctive as the Japanese films, TVshows, and manga series they’re inspired or based upon. There’s everything from the largest games that are based on Japan’s most popular export series, to the best JRPGs , and even anime MMOs that have been influenced by the distinctive anime style. Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan as well as Naruto are all available and in good order, along with several other gems you’ve not seen prior to. Animation series are divided into subgenres due to the same reason. Dragon Ball is an unambiguous “shonen,” Neon Genesis Evangelion is a “mecha,” Sailor Moon is a “shojo,” and so on. Whatever you like are, you ‘

Dragon Ball FighterZ

If you’ve always wanted to be one of the most powerful heroes from the Dragon Ball universe and exact revenge on one or their many enemies, Dragon Ball FighterZ gives you that thrilling and almost cathartic experience. You could take on the role of a villain and take on Goku in the form of Frieza, Buu, Kid Buu, Beerus, Cell as well as Captain Ginyu.

dragon ball fight z characters

It’s tough to replicate the intensity that has drawn so many fans into Dragon Ball over more than three decades. However, Dragon Ball FighterZ is easily the most successful game to do so on the universe of the series. It’s quick, exciting visually amazing and, perhaps more importantly, it can make one feel just like Goku or Cell according to your moral compass.


In the game, Dragon Quest XI, you are a young person who finds out that he’s the reincarnation from a legend hero and embarks to discover the mysteries surrounding his past. Both in videogames and animation, it’s pretty standard and yet this tale serves as the basis for Dragon Quest’s thrilling battles that are based on turn and numerous side quests.


Dragon Quest XI has retained an impressive talent over the years, including popular manga as well as anime creator Akira Toriyama , who is famous for his Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball series . Toriyama has created the characters since the first launch in 1986, his vivid and colorful designs infusing the incredible world of anime games with character and character for nearly two decades. These are stunning games that are backed up by the extremely impressive Dragon Quest XI review scores.


The game was initially it was a GameCube game, this anime game brought joy to with the PC through its charming appeal in the year 2016. If you have not played the game, then all you have to be aware of is that it’s an absolute classic that can be ranked as one of the most popular RPGs available on PC.

Tales of Symphonia is set in the world of Sylvarant and is hanging in the balance amid an unstoppable evil and diminishing mana. There is a legend that the Chosen One (in terms of the reader) is bound to one day rise to restore their home to the edge.

tales of symorphia screen shot

Symphonia’s gameplay is based on the classic real-time battle system that allows players to play with many and a variety of methods such as spells, strategies, and spells. This is a story you’ll remember for a long time after the credits have ended.


There’s nothing more satisfying than a book group. The tens of thousands of words – and occasional knock-off DVDs vastly expand our perspectives taking old and young to all sorts of different worlds. It is the Doki Doki Literature Club! On the other hand, “is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.”

doki doki front page

Do not fall for the adorable surface of Team Salvato’s gang of bookworms because this novel is full of disturbingly dark layers that lie beneath. When Doki Doki Literature Club! came to Steam in September 2017 it was a surprisingly successful, gaining over the two million players who downloaded it recognized by many as one of the top anime games available on PC due to its captivating emotional narrative and a compelling story one that should not be spoiled . When it “Plus!” version expands the original version with a plethora of brand new features. If you’re in the mood for a few hours, and a dependent attitude, make sure you give the game an attempt.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto

The Ultimate Ninja Storm series was over with the sixth installment of the long-running series. It did come out with the utmost of enthusiasm. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 brought back the adored Ultimate Jutsu and Awakenings battle mechanics. Additionally, it improved the already thrilling aspect by allowing you to switch characters in battle.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Road to Boruto

The story mode ended the last chapters of the show and was able to make the biggest ninja battles as epic as is possible with boss-style battles. The delightful DLC inclusion of the first adventure is the final piece of Naruto’s greatest debut into the arena of fighters.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness

The Psycho-Pass series is well worth considering if you enjoy animated series that take place in dystopian environments where people fight to keep their freedoms.

Mandatory Happiness is set in the 22nd century Japan where the government has developed software to monitor all aspects of the lives of its citizens and their mental state and possibly criminal activities.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness

You are an officer who uses this technology to find criminals and solve crimes that are based on the original animated. While fans of the series will surely appreciate the many connections to the franchise, newcomers can feel secure being aware that the game is a complete reimagining of new characters and a flexible visual new gameplay.

Genshin Impact

An anime game that requires an introduction. Genshin Impact has gained popularity due to the merits of its free-to-play structure, thrilling action-driven combat and a roster of characters that are captivating. The publisher and developer Mihoyo has done a great job of supporting the game post-launch with regular updates and the introduction of new characters that can be unlocked.

Genshin Impact

Although it’s admittedly as grueling as you’d imagine an online gaming experience to be a portion of the grueling work can be gotten rid of by paying just a couple of dollars and a little luck. Finally, Genshin Impact supports cross-platform multiplayer between consoles , PCs and mobile and lets you test various combination options and find the most effective synergies.

Bottom line

Here’s a list of the top anime games. There’s plenty here to keep you entertained If this type of Japanese animation style is your style It would be a mistake of us not to offer you an additional selection of games to fill your list of shame. If you are interested in new gaming technologies, check our new post about top gaming technology trends in 2022 and share your ideas in comment section.

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